About us


'Bundu' is an informal South African term meaning out in the
wilderness, a wild and uninhabited region away from hectic city life.

may also have heard of "bundu bashing". This is taking one's vehicle,
motorbike, bicycle or to walk or run off-road through the bush or
wilderness. It's getting out into the middle of nowhere - off the beaten

What is our interpretation of bundu?

It's a lifestyle.

My personal interpretation of
back in the bundu is getting back to true nature; back to your roots to
discover what makes you tick; doing what keeps you inspired; respecting
and enjoying your environment; doing soul-uplifting activities and
nourishing yourself...
In and outside the home.
It's about comfort and inspiration.

The essence of bundu

The great outdoors definitely stimulates our senses and contributes
to our wellbeing. I was born and raised in beautiful South Africa and my
roots still run deep in the South African soil. It's where my heart is.
Africa will capture you and never leave you.

My journey to this
point in creating bundu has been a long and winding road. I wanted to
create an original brand that would provide a little comfort and joy in
the lives of others, whilst supporting my passion for art and design at
the same time. My inspiration comes from nature, adventure, composition,
photography and art. This is the essence of all our prints. They all
have some kind of origin in nature or personal experience. Everything
from the artwork, designing the prints, to sewing and finishing details
like embroidery is all created in-house.

Quality & sustainability

Having good relationships with our fabric printers and suppliers
enables us to deliver high quality products. We don't believe in
anything less.

Our goal is to use sustainable materials as much as
possible in order to respect and protect our environment. It takes time
to find the right resources, but we're doing our best to implement
sustainable materials as much as we can and that process is ongoing.

  • With the growing chaos of society it's
    becoming more and more important to keep in touch with nature and to get
    back in touch with your adventurous side, to keep you young and alive!

    So treat a friend. Pamper yourself. Give your soul some sunshine.

    Join the bundu lifestyle!

    Happy shopping,